Twin Souls

Twin Souls is the spiritual successor to Path of Shadows, and it’s being developed by my game studio, Lince Works. You can check more info at the official website.





Path of Shadows

imgPoSPath of Shadows was the project for my Master’s Degree in Game Design at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. It’s my most ambitious and tech demanding project to date. It’s a stealth game where you control an assassin capable of manipulating the shadows to achieve his objectives. Create shadows, teleport to any shadow in the scenario, merge with the scenario, make noise to lure out enemies, etc. It’s made with C++ and Directx 9.0 with a custom engine.


Unity Dungeon Generators

imgRogueI love roguelikes and I love Unity, so I try to experiment with procedural stuff in Unity related to Dungeon Generation. I write about them in my Tumblr.




I Chew U

A game made for Global Game Jam 2013. We won the best game award at GGJ Barcelona. You control a random little monster from the screen, but you don’t know which one. Find yourself and try to eat the other player. A party game for up to 4 players. It lacks polish, so it’s quite unplayable unless you know what you are doing.



Image Processing


I’ve worked in different projects regarding image processing and high quality rendering. I mainly used C++ & ray-casting techniques.





Angel Manor

AngelsManorA proof of concept for a horror game in Unity3D, heavily inspired by Doctor Who. I’m awful animating or modelling, so I tried to make a game without those. Uncover the secrets of the Angel Manor and watch out for those statues.. they are alive.




Boss Level (Ludum Dare 25)

BossLevelMy first Ludum Dare. The theme was “You are the boss”, so I made 2D tower defense where you are the boss of a “Mario” style game and have to defend yourself against hordes of heroes. You can summon skeletons, wizards, and other creatures.




Hyperactive Ninja

Hyperactive NinjaMy first finished game, in collaboration with Victor Pedreño. A platformer for Android using only 1 button (jump). It was released before Super Meat Boy and the fever for endless runners.. it’s a shame I didn’t know a thing about marketing. It’s available for free in the Play Store with more than 120.000 downloads to date. Made with Java and Canvas.



Minecanary Minecraft Guide

The first reference app that launched in the Play Store when Minecraft was still in alpha (indev). It helped me pay my college tuition.. so I’ll be forever grateful to Notch :P. It has around 3 million installs to date with 4.75/5 stars.






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